I am a French photographer based in London specialising in Interiors, Architecture and Commercial spaces.

After studying Art and Photography in the South West of France, I worked as a freelance photographer and graphic designer for the hospitality industry in the Basque Country.
I moved to London in 2013 and have since been shooting interiors extensively, working for interior designers, property groups and architects.

My background in graphic design and interest in minimalist art has always influenced my work and vision of photography.

I am always keen to collaborate on a variety of creative projects so if you like my style, feel free to contact me.



I always work closely with clients to understand their needs in order to achieve what they want. Every single image is crafted with attention to detail, composition and light. When the photo shoot takes place, the clients can review the images in real time (ipad), and have a better control of the final result.

I use a blending lighting technique with both natural and artificial light in order to capture a maximum of colours, textures and the right exposure for indoor and outdoor space.

Below is an example of a set of 4 photos blended together to produce the final image.